Seeking development, independence and achievement of the highest degrees of success are the objectives of the kinds of services that EDE aims to provide continuously while respecting the working society’s highest standards and measurements.

EDE first saw light to its business in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 1994 and expanded to become a fully foreign investment establishment in 2006 according to Royal decree No. 1/596 of Foreign Investment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, specializing in contracting, design and execution of architectural works and interior decoration.

Our highly qualified caliber and advanced high tech equipment are the establishment’s main cores to excellence, to continuous advancement and to providing services of the highest of quality and of international standards in the 21st century.

EDE provides services in the following areas:
Decorative Execution
Construction ……Civil
Electrical Works, Maintenance and Operation
Electrical and Electromechanical Works
Special Unit for Architecture
Interior Design
Data Center (Computer site preparation works)